WWI – 100 years – Clarion Call

I am sitting here listening to the Clarion Call that is being played twice a day over the Waterfront and out to the town. This is an installation to commemorate women’s role in the First World War, which celebrates (??) the one hundredth anniversary of the end of that terrible conflict. The anniversary falls next Sunday when the ending of the war is marked at 11AM on 11th November (11th month).

Full details can be found on the SPILL Festival web site. That web site gives more details:

“Clarion Call stands as an ephemeral monument to the aftermath of wars past, present and future. But instead of unifying us in grief, a composition of reimagined melodies provide a moment in time for a community to come together in hope and reflection.”

It is quite eerie but, if you give it a little while for personal reflection, it is very moving.

Occasional Visitor – Pioneer CK18

Pioneer is an Essex fishing smack and comes into the Ipswich Marina on an occasional basis. You can read all about her on the Pioneer + web site.

It was a lovely morning this morning but the smack was in shadow caused by Capstan House so I had to wait as it passed slowly in the sunshine. It was worth the wait but, using my iPhone camera, it lost a bit of colour from the hull. Still, as that was the only camera on me, then at least I got the picture.


I love the little dinghy tied up to the stern. Although it has an outboard, it still has its mast in place.


Dutch Tall Ships Race

It’s that time of year again, when the Wet Dock fills up with tall ships – 21 this time. University students are the focus of this year’s crews rather than”young professionals” in previous years. It started with Artemis arriving. Then a quick look at FleetMon showed the Orwell full of ships coming into the Wet Dock.


I did my usual roll along the quays and took some random shots.

ships4ships3ships2ships 1gather 1

The crowds here are all of the crews having a chat and a drink. This took place on the Friday afternoon. Lucky that the weather was beautiful for the occasion.

I understand that complaints were raised about the noise levels on Thursday night and the Environmental Health had to ask them to tone it down. That’s a pity as it is only once a year and the noise was much less than the evenings of theMaritime Weekend or even of the Aurora on a summer Saturday night.

On the Friday afternoon there were some of the crews messing around on skateboards and a few working with drones. The wide expanse of the Wet Dock is ideal for such things. In fact, I caught a drone on camera when taking a photo of the new university car park, which has been turned into a giant marquee for graduation day.


On Saturday morning, on my jaunt to the local pharmacy, I took a photo of the board outside the Lightship. This might tempt a few of you to come and visit. I would like see the Pirate Radio exhibition if I could scramble abroad. Some of my favourite memories of the 60’s were”Kenny and Cash on London” – the jingle for Kenny Everett and Dave Cash on their afternoon show on Radio London – great stuff. I even remember some of their jokes, but not now.

Lastly, back to normal, because all of the Dutch boats went during the night leaving the Wet Dock nice and peaceful for Saturday – just when lots of Ipswich residents could come down to see them – shame. Nice to see Queen Galadriel is back in the marina, though.


Lightship LV18 arrives

Finally, and a few days later than expected, the Harwich Lightship LV18 arrived. It is going to be moored here in the Ipswich marina for some months as I understand it. It will be open to the public and there will be occasional light music aboard.

For more information on the arrival, the Ipswich Star covered the event. There is much more information about the lightship itself on its own web site.

lightship 3lightship 1lightship 4lightship 2

Lastly, as ever, a quick update on the Winerack. The outer covering is nearing completion. Also, there are lights on inside at night, so there is obviously much going on that we can’t see.

winerack 1

Great East Run 2018

This is a half marathon run around Ipswich. One of the nice things about living on the Waterfront is that you get to see events like this without going too far from home. My wife and mother-in-law sat on the balcony to watch whilst I rode down to The Cult on my wheelchair with my trusty Canon 80D.

We had to family members running – our son-in-law, Matt Sims and our grandson Theo Sims. I managed to see Matt – well to be clear, Matt saw me and called out. In my defence there were a lot of runners going through and I was trying to take some photos.

First off came the lead vehicle with the time.

lead vehicle ger

This was closely followed by the first runners.

early birds

Not too long after, there was a large body of entrantsnice group

This included Matt. I nearly missed him. I was too busy saying hello to take a picture.

Matt GER.jpeg

On my way back home, I stopped off at the Aurora. They were running through in every way possible.

ger aurora

Now that I had my good camera with me, I thought that I would give an update on the Winerack. Work is progressing apace.

winerack ger.jpg

Lastly, and I am sorry to keep on, but with all that is going on around the Waterfront, there is a need for more parking but this one is firmly closed at the weekend. Shame!!!

empty car park.jpg

Vinyl, Events and Automobiles

Not quite as snappy as “Trains, Planes and Automobiles” but a good description of today.

My intention was to ride my wheelchair over to Fore Street to Out of Time Records. I was a bit messed about because they don’t take plastic and Tesco’s cash machine wasn’t working. Fortunately, the Post Office in Fore Street came up trumps.

Out of Time Records is a specialist CD and Vinyl shop and, given my recent move back to vinyl, a good place to go.

Old Time Records

The problem that I have is, not being able to stand for too long, bending down into the boxes of Albums is quite difficult. In fact, I couldn’t cope with too much so all I ended up with was a couple of Ralph Sutton albums. Ralph Sutton is a tremendous pianist in the tradition of Fats Waller so lots of stride and ragtime! Still, only £7.00 for the two albums so that was a bargain!

On the way back, as I passed the big car park next to Neptune Marina, I saw an unusual sight – a gaggle of Triumph sports cars.

truimph 1triumph 2.jpg

I am sorry for my friend Dan in Connecticut but there wasn’t a Spitfire in sight! Lots of TR6, a Stag and, hidden away, a lime green TR7 (whatever were they thinking?).

Remember the staff and student car park that I was complaining about. Just as I thought – closed on a weekend so lots of parking space going missing. Can’t anyone do something about this?

Lastly, I was given a little booklet about a couple of “Heritage” days taking place in September. These weekends involved are those of the 8th and the 15th. It’s a bit late for the 8th but still time, this weekend. The booklet is available for viewing and download from The Ipswich Society Web SiteHeritage Booklet.

Unfortunately, this is the first time that I have heard about this. Another example of a lack of publicity about the two.



The Oosterschelde in the Wet Dock

A couple days ago, a nice three masted “tall ship” called on Ipswich. I missed its arrival but my wife caught it and told me that something with a name starting with “O” had arrived. It was a lovely day today so I took the opportunity of gadding out on my wheelchair to have a look.

It turned out be the Oosterschelde – a three-masted topsail schooner according to the board on view.


I only had my phone on me but it takes nice photos.


Whilst checking out the boat, I noticed that the new car park was in operation. It really does seem to be a shame that the best use for a nice stretch of the Waterfront turns out to be a car park reserved for the University staff and students!

This first picture shows that they have torn down the green fencing that was put up when they were working on the bridge investigations. This, whilst a plain wire fence, was at least permanent. However, it obviously wasn’t permanent enough because most of it along the waterfront has been taken away and replaced with temporary fencing.

IMG_0403 2

They have allowed for some pedestrian access to the waterfront but making some pathways through. However, all they have done with the fencing it move it about a bit!carpark1

Let us hope that this isn’t permanent.

On a lighter note, The Orwell Lady was just leaving so I took a snap of the happy passengers on their way out for a nice trip along the Orwell and back.

orwell lady