Merry Christmas 2018

It hasn’t been a full year for the blog but this is mostly due to my rotten legs. Anyway, 2019 will be a very good year and I will get more to say about the Waterfront. As it is, have a great Christmas and a very happy new year.

I took two photos of the tree outside the University. One in the daylight – ho humm.

This didn’t look too great so we went around after dark.

That’s better.

Author: longhaireddavid

Having spent 20 years as a currency trader in the City of London, I moved into designing trading room software until 2001 when I retired and moved to Ipswich for a new career. I opened a hobby shop which I ran with my wife, Valerie, until 2012, when I retired. I now live on the Ipswich waterfront and spend my time programming, building model kits and creating my Marklin 3 rail model railway.

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